Online, game-based learning

codeGOAT is an online, game-based learning platform for coding, which delivers 25+ hours of training, per module, to students and teachers. A family license is also available.

Three Training Levels

codeGOAT supports three training levels: beginner (Gr. 1–3), intermediate (Gr. 4–6) and advanced (Gr. 7 and up).

Progressive, game-based learning

codeGOAT includes progressively challenging coding skills development and learning through individual game-based adventures.


Comprehensive Teacher Training Materials

codeGOAT teacher training modules cover everything from concepts to support resources and include
programming concepts, coding and computational thinking, digital literacy overview, codeGOAT guide, and support resources.

Student testimonials

“This is the best to start how to learn coding for beginners like me! This should be included in the school!”

Grade 4 Student

“What I loved about Codingville was how the journeys connected blocks to JavaScript. This is really important because most people just put blocks together not knowing that it is actually connected to Javascript. Thank you Codingville for giving me this opportunity and helping me learn how to code.”

Grade 7 Student

“What I loved most about codeGOAT was how easy it was to learn and apply that knowledge in the projects.”

Grade 10 Student

Teacher testimonials

“The training material gave me a quick background on what the students will be doing through their challenges. It made me think of computational thinking as a basis for coding which I hadn’t before.”


“This is the most interested in coding my kids have been.”