As a pioneer in eLearning, we have developed an award winning Student Engagement Platform, called Wonderville, which is used by millions of teachers, students and parents around the world.

Wonderville has been developed by teachers for teachers with Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge in focus; and for students, with deep learning and engagement in as the goal. Within the Wonderville learning environment, all sorts of 21st century teaching tools such as lesson plans with augmented reality, project based learning resources, games, animations, career showcase, and webinars are available so teachers can seamlessly guide students through learning. In addition, the Wonderville STEM Interactive community connection centre offers professional learning tips and best practices, with insights from our community experts.

Wonderville operates as a Software-as-a-Service solution that has proven effective in engaging students in their learning in classrooms around the world – whether it be in learning about nanotechnologies, carbon capture, phases of the moon, and or amazing STEM careers. We have reached over 10 million students!

Best of all, Wonderville was designed with diversity and inclusion in mind.

We focus test all interactives in classrooms and gain valuable feedback from teachers and students regarding preferred character ethnicity, accents, clothing, gender or non-gender status, and more. Finally, we proudly support incorporating Indigenous worldview into our many of our materials in support of helping students build their understanding of diversified and authentic world views between western and Indigenous cultures.

Watch Jacqueline in the video below as she provides a tour of Wonderville STEM Interactive. 

To experience all the fun and science on our STEM learning platform visit Wonderville.org and start your free 7-day trial.

Student testimonials

“[Save the World] was so fun. I played it multiple times to try to get the best score. Also, I was learning
about energy!!”

Wonderville student user

“This is so great! Awesuuum! I just searching some activities to do my physics presentations about Bernoulli and fluid pressure thingy. I just took a peek in this web and it was awesome! Totally marvelous! Give us more and we’ll give much more thumbs up for this one! Good job!”

11th grade Science Student

Jakarta, Indonesia

“My favorite part [of the Solar Oven activity] is when I got to make and observe how the sun’s rays reflect and cook the marshmallow.”

Wonderville student user

Teacher testimonials

“Your site is awesome! Thank you very much. I´ll use your resources in my STEM workshops.”



“I have been using Wonderville for the grade 6 Flight curriculum. The students have learned a lot and found the information engaging. They also liked the ‘links’ that allowed them to delve into certain topics of interest. This is definitely a site that I would use again.”


Ontario, Canada

“I use the fossil fabricator activity every year as my students discover the way fossils are made and it is coupled with learning types of fossils. The students use it on the smart board and they love it!”


Louisiana, USA