Classroom management

Add your classroom as easy as 1, 2 and 3, and select your lesson plans and activities. And go!

Student progress tracking and assessment

Assign activities to students and track their progress. Learn what areas particular students need more help with.



Easy to assign learning activities in class.


Build community with other education professionals, sharing best practices and drawing insights from Wonderville’s community of professionals.

Interactive content

With hundreds of award winning animations, game-based activities, augmented reality enabled lessons, career showcase, quizzes, illustrations and more, your students will become deeply engaged in learning through our extensive interactive library of resources.

Webstreaming / Webinars

Want to videostream an expert into your class? Wonderville can support any plug in.


Bored of traditional navigation menus?  Flip to Wonderville’s MindMap to see all the interconnections between learning areas.